Frodo & Harry

Dr. Baehr’s insightful book contrasts the fantasy worlds of The Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter to discover how best to discern your entertainment.



“Frodo & Harry is strongly recommended for those who are interested in pop-culture and how it relates to our spiritual lives, as well as for thoughtful parents who want to learn about the nature of the fantasy genre and the various critical tools necessary to develop an informed judgment about art and entertainment.”

- Reviewer Karen C.


Delves deep into the land, characters, and worldviews presented by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings movies and J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter.

Though the movies are many years old and the books even older, these stories continue to captivate viewers and have launched all sorts of spin off entertainment. It’s critical for viewers and parents to understand the worldview behind these mega-entertainment properties.


Expanding beyond just these two fantasy worlds, Frodo & Harry brings practical help on how to be discerning when enjoying entertainment. Today, children spend more time on screens that in church or even school. We must all develop our skill set in media-wisdom.

“I know that Frodo and Harry will take you deep into discovering how to enjoy great stories, but with great discernment.”

- Author, Dr. Ted Baehr